The woman created a strong bond with the rescued elephant, but now she has to make the most difficult decision ever

What a strong connection!

Meet Moyo, a rescued elephant, who was saved from being drowned in the river. The baby was abandoned by his herd, but fortunately, was found by some rescuers and was sent to Wild Is Life sanctuary. There Roxy Danckwerts, the head of the sanctuary, fell in love with him and decided to take care of him.

Now the cutie is 14 months old and shares a strong bond with his beloved woman. They are inseparable and never leave each other’s side. Moyo follows his owner everywhere she goes, and although he is getting bigger day by day, he continues to stay inside the house and does whatever he wants.

But the woman has to make a difficult decision. She understands that Moyo can’t live with her until the end of his life, and it’ll be better for him to return to his habitat and enjoy his freedom.

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