A great babysitter for orphaned kittens, that needed appreciation

A gorgeous cat, that likes playing with foster kittens

Holly and her family adopted Rigby from the shelter six years ago. They thought it was time for their family cat named Canon to have some feline companionship.

Holly became a foster mother for leftover kittens a year later, but she couldn’t imagine that Rigby would be on a serious person in their care.

It all began when Rigby entered the room where all of the foster kittens were spending time and they were playing together.

Then he collected all of the kittens and spent the rest of the day with them.

When he understood it was a usual thing, every time new fosters came Rigby became surrogate parent.

He took care of them as well as he could.

“He’ll lay quiet when I give bottles and nurse them understanding they don’t have a mother. They have the feeling of breastfeeding. He also helped them sometimes pee.” Holly told.

The sweet cat is really intelligent and clearly understands what the kittens needed.

Even when the whole family came including the mother cat Rigby clearly knew how to act and made sure the mother cat had a lot of place.

Rigby realises when the babies are grown up enough to play and even takes their kitten food.

“I can test any foster cat on him whether they’d accept another cat or not.”

The kittens adored Rigby, who takes care of them all the time. They like playing with his tail and ears until they all get exhausted and slept next to him.

And also Rigby likes his best role of being a perfect babysitter and likes being with them.

He is a really amazing cat.

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