“What a touching moment!”: Shakira’s limitless love towards her sick father didn’t let anyone stay indifferent

The way Shakira takes care of her sick father made people burst into tears

It should be mentioned that iconic and outstanding singer Shakira’s father is seriously sick and requires his family’s constant care and support.

The sad news about the legendary performer’s father left absolutely everyone speechless and people rushed to support and sympathize them.

The heartbreaking video Shakira recently shared showing how she takes care of her father trying to keep his feet warm didn’t let any single one stay indifferent.

The video not only deeply impressed the network users, but also made some burst into tears.

And as the iconic woman wrote under her post “Life is what happens between hospital visits and Halloween costumes”.

It should be noted that Shakira’s father is 91 whom the bighearted singer helps and of whom she takes care a lot.

After a tragic fall, the man appeared in hospital in spring and everything actually started from this terrible situation.

The woman does everything possible to make her father feel better and is always there if anything is needed.

The moment Shakira kissed her father’s bare feet hit the network. Her loyal fans praised her saying that she is a devoted and grateful daughter.


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