Thousands of people are captured by the photos of these two adorable animals. They are wonders!

This friendship has 1.8 million followers!

The friendship between Herbee, a little hedgehog, and Audree, a cute kitten, is so strong and many people from all over the world are captured by their adorable photos. Their loving owner named Talitha Girnus, always shares amazing pictures of these two beauties.

They have already collected 1.8 million followers on Instagram and make everyone happy with their cute photos.

At first Girnus adopted Herbee from his previous owners, who had some allergic reactions and couldn’t keep him anymore, then she adopted three months old Audree and from the first day of their meeting they are inseparable.

They are best friends and enjoy sharing everything together, even they sometimes eat from the same bowl. It’s a true friendship!

Once Herbee bit Audree, but the kitten didn’t harm him, on the contrary, he meowed and went away. That was the only time, then they started hugging each other.

They love to sleep and do many crazy things together. So wonderful!

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