The largest cat ever seen in the rescue centre

A cat, that needed a strong diet to keep healthy 

Elderly people having pets find it hard to take them on regular activities, resulting in poor care for their cats and dogs. Cats having a senior owner have a hard life and sometimes become hostile when their owners’ capacities to live a usual life deteriorate. This is the touching story of a 6 year old cat named Symba living with his elderly owner until he needed special care.

The elderly man wasn’t able to take care of himself and was taken to the retirement home and Symba was unable to go with him. Symba was taken to the rescue centre in Washington after the man moved in.

When Symba went to the centre the staff were amazed to find out he is 35 pounds. He was larger than any other cat they had seen and needed assistance. Symba weighed more than a lion baby and he was still feeling well.

Symba was active, but his weight needed immediate medical attention. Overweight cats are likely to have different health problems.

The rescue staff placed a cat on a strong diet and fitness program when he came. They organised inventive food riddles in order to decrease Symba’s eating habits. And also every day the cat was placed on a cat wheel and he was already on his way to a healthy life.

Then Symba was ready for adoption. One of the staff members told, that despite his age he is still very active and has a lot of life in him.

And of course Symba’s new family would have to follow strong diet in order to be healthy. Things are going well, but there’s a lit of things to do.

“We will give the new family of Symba the games and puzzles and also his nutrition plan, that will let him live healthy.”

Symba didn’t wait for so long, he was adopted by a cat loving family and has settled in happily. And of course his new owners are very attentive to his health. Symba also participated in the couple’s wedding photoshoot and there’s some photos.

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