“At 8 he met his future wife and promised to find later”: The incredible story of legendary couple of Momoa and his wife

The news of Momoa’s and his wife’s divorce left everyone speechless

It is worth mentioning that the outstanding film star, often well-known as “Aquaman”, met his future wife at the age of eight promised to find and marry her later. This is what people call “love at first sight”.

Despite the big age gap between them, they are considered to be one of the strongest and most attractive couples in Hollywood. In fact, Momoa kept his promise, remained loyal to his choice and they met 18 years after their first encounter.

Though Lisa is 18 years older than the man, they two look harmonious together and their love and dedication towards each other are clearly seen from aside.

It should be noted that the legendary couple, regrettably, announced that they are going to split up. It is needless to say their loyal fans were literally left speechless.

People strongly refuse to believe that it is true or still hope that they will soon get back together.

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