A stray cat with unique disease is overjoyed to be able to run once again

A cat, that doesn’t feel her different from other cats

A kind woman saw a little stroller trying to walk in the street. Her front legs were prevailing totally to the sides. She walked very slowly, as she didn’t want to show even the small sign of weakness.

An animal shelter workers found the kitten in California. “She wasn’t able to walk and our director sent her to the vet.” told one of the volunteers Heather Thomas.

The kitten had a swimmer syndrome, a unique developmental disorder. The prognosis were positive because she was still young and plastic.

The kitten was named Melody because of a cartoon character from The Little Mermaid 2. “It shows, that her swimmer’s syndrome isn’t what it seems.”

The kitten was given two bandages wrapped around her front paws with a joint in the middle  to regain her walking ability.

She practices walking every day. Heather and her daughter Kelly took the kitten home to continue her therapy until she was stronger.

“I was amazed one evening when I went to look at her and saw how playful she was. She created a mess in their nursery with her new siblings, ran, leaped and frolicked.” Heather told.

She began examining everything around her when she was able to get up on her paws.

Melody is a courageous and strong woman. She succeeded in just a few weeks. “Her front legs seemed to have completely restored. It seemed that the right foot is deformed. But it didn’t effect her speed.”

“Her paw has a tendency to slip to the side.”

Melody doesn’t need to wear bandages anymore. She can now freely go in and out of the litter box, ran in the house, do mischievous things. She likes to play with the caretakers.

“She’s very quick and leaps and bounces like a cat. She doesn’t have an idea, that she is different.”

“Melody is a real miracle.”

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