“The longest lashes in the Guinness Book of Records”: The boy with the world’s longest lashes

The owner of the longest lashes on Earth is not a girl, not a Tajik boy!

However surprising it may seem, the owner of the world’s longest eyelashes appeared to be a boy, not a girl, according to the Guinness Book of records. The little boy whose lashes are considered the longest on Earth is of Tajik nationality.
Most interestingly, his gorgeous lashes don’t seem to stop growing.

Shortly after his birth, Muin hardly could open his eyes because of his unique and extraordinarily long lashes. However, after being thoroughly examined by doctors, there was nothing to worry about and his unusually long lashes proved to be a gift from Heaven.

There is no disease or disorder concerning his health, instead, experts are more than sure that the length of his lashes is conditioned by his ethnicity.

Many supposed that Muin would have them cut when he got older, whereas that hasn’t happened yet since he is completely satisfied with his lashes and is really proud of them.

He doesn’t get upset or offended when people pay too much attention to his uniqueness.

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