“Israel’s most beautiful child”: This 9-year-old girl wins hearts with her gorgeous hair and blue eyes

This girl with gorgeous hair curls believed to be Israel’s prettiest child

This adorable girl at 9 who possesses gorgeous long blond hair is believed to be the most beautiful child in the territory of Israel.

Despite her very young age, Nastya actively takes part in photo shoots for overall-known businesses and is already quite successful.

As soon as her mother shared some pictures of her, she immediately became popular among millions.

Nastya Avernukh currently has 100 thousand followers on her Instagram page and her unearthly beautiful blue eyes and stunning blond curls don’t let anyone stay indifferent.

Every time the charming girl posts her pictures on social media, she immediately get complimented.

It is worth mentioning that her  parents are professionally engaged in sports. Her mother is a master in aerobics and her father is a pole vault champion.

As the family’s financial state is quite good, Nastya herself chooses in what advertising projects to participate in. She is endowed with an opportunity to choose in what profession to specialize as well.

It is relevant to mention that she attends an ordinary school and is equal to everyone else there. She doesn’t take any interest in sports as her parents so far.

She is unearthly beautiful, isn’t she?

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