A unique disease of a cat, after which the fur transforms from black to white

Amazing transformation of a cat, whose sister remained the same

Have you ever seen a pet diagnosed with Vitiligo? If so, please share the pictures in the comments section.

There are many pets with bright colours and fluffy skins. But there are cases, when the cats’ fur change colour. Doesn’t it sound strange? But it’s absolutely true.

This was caused because of Vitiligo. This is a unique skin illness, that makes the animals pigmentation to decline and they just turn into white beauties.

Nichole Bohm from Germany adopted two adorable kittens named Elli and Rosie, who were identical twins. But one of the kittens Elli had white marks on her skin and was diagnosed with Vitiligo.

And here’s Elli’s before and after photos.

Elli had black fur, but then white marks started to appear on her body and she was diagnosed with Vitiligo.

Nichole saw, that Elli’s white marks were becoming bigger and bigger every day. Elli’s appearance was changed by these white marks, which transformed her white from absolutely black tone.

Elli’s fur became white after a year of being black cat. Now she has a white fur with just a few black marks. And also her appearance is changing day by day and soon this kitten will change to white.

And there’s other photos of Elli turning white.

Elli has her own Instagram page, where her owner Nichole tries to share her amazing transformation. Nichole shares before and after photos to show her followers Elli’s drastic change.

On the other hand Elli’s sister Rosie remains the same amazing black tuxedo cat, that Nichole adopted in 2016.

This is a photo of Elli after becoming a white cat!

Although Elli’s appearance was changed during a year she is still the same on the inside. “Her personality didn’t change, she is still the same.” Nichole told.

She also told: “She’s just as amazing, cute and loving as she was on the first meeting. Rosie wasn’t amazed by her sister’s transformation and the two seem to get along well, as they did.

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