Legendary photos of well-known stars from their personal archive showing how they looked in youth

Some archival photos of iconic celebrities that you have hardly ever seen

Many people have been wondering how the iconic and legendary celebrities actually looked while a youth before rising to worldwide fame, overall recognition and popularity. We have selected photos of the following successful people taken from their personal archive. We are more than sure that only few have been fortunate enough to have seen these legendary photos.

The iconic guys from “Hands Up!”. Look how they looked in youth!

Great Hollywood actor J. Depp accompanied with charming Paradis.

Here is outstanding and literally stunning J. Aniston.

How gorgeous and attractive Salma Hayek looked while a youth!

Here is iconic actress Jolie worthy of the title “the most beautiful woman on Earth”.

Meet overall-recognized and unbeatable Rihanna in her youth!

And this is how Timberlake looked when he was still young.

It is McConaughey’s turn!

Stunning and gorgeous Pamela Anderson. She was truly an icon of style!

Meet talented and praiseworthy film star K. Reeves.

The legend of the French film industry – Monica Bellucci.

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