A lonely cat mother adopted a leftover kitten

The immediate link between a mother and a leftover kitten

A seriously ill leftover newborn kitten was found and taken to the animal shelter and no one knew if he would survive.

A foster parent immediately came to the shelter to take the kitten, but he needed something more than just human help.

And the caring staff planned something.

They introduced the newborn with a cat mother named Ember, who had just had kitten, that turned to be very unwell and passed away one by one.

“She had lost all her kittens, but not her motherly instincts.” told one of the workers of the shelter.

When Ember met the newborn, they knew he would be loved.

“They immediately fell in love with each other. The mother started to cuddle, groom and nurse him.”

The kitten was named Flame and his adoptive mother rescued his life.

The couple is still in a foster care and after a month they will be ready for adoption, either together or separately.

“It would be amazing if they could be adopted together. They’d love it and also two cats are preferable to one.”

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