A caring cat, that became a big brother for a new rescue cat

A new brothers from another mother. A cat takes care of a newcomer 

An animal rescuer named Moonglade Rose came home with a new rescue cat named Opie one day.

At first she didn’t know how her cat Andy would treat the newcomer, but after recognising Opie he showed the cutest welcome ever. Andy helped Opie feel comfortable by hugging and kissing him.

That night Andy didn’t let Opie alone and decided to protect and be next to him. The owners of Andy are amazed by his reaction, because they see he is caring for the rescue cats as his owners are.

“Andy gives love to his new brother and teaches many things, such as how to play and hunt, how to land on his feet but most importantly how to snuggle.” told the owner.

Just look at the photos below to feel the love and care Andy gives to a newcomer.

Opie is the newcomer in Moonglade’s family and is a rescue kitten.

The other cat of the rescuers welcomed Opie with love and care as a big brother.

That night he didn’t let Opie alone and protected him as a big brother.

Andy became Opie’s brother from another mother and they immediately linked.

Andy’s owners were amazed by his care and love to the new rescue kitten.

They adore snuggling and make their owners delighted.

And as Opie is now loving with them, the big brother feels responsible for him and gives him all his attention.

Andy always plays with him, hugs and snuggles.

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