Evening dinner with dad. What happened in the restaurant was just a surprise  

A lesson for every son and daughter and hope for every parent.

The man took his elderly father to a restaurant. The father was very old and weak. As he ate, bits of food fell on his shirt and pants.

People turned and looked at him with disgust, but his son remained quiet. When dinner was over, the son carefully helped his father to his feet and led him to the bathroom.

There he cleaned his father’s pants and shirt, helped with the laundry, combed his gray hair lovingly, and helped put on his glasses. When they entered the restaurant hall, there was absolute silence.

At this time, an old man from the dining room called the son and asked: – Don’t you think that you missed something?

The son replied. “No sir, I didn’t.”

The old man responded. “Yes, you have.”

The restaurant fell into silence.

Then the man exclaimed. “You left something for everyone in this room. You have left a lesson for every son and daughter and hope for every parent.”

The people in the room unexpectedly fell silent. Each of them was ashamed to disturb father and son.

After all, one of the greatest honors that destiny can give us is looking after our elderly parents, people who gave us their time, health, and money.

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