The dog was so scared and didn’t trust anyone, but her little human arrived and changed everything

How this frightened dog changed in this way!

This is Weezy, a frightened dog, who was afraid of almost everything around her and didn’t trust anyone. The cutie lived in a shelter in Alberta, and no one knew the reason of her behaviour. Even when Weezy was adopted for the first time, she was sent to the shelter again because of her strange character.

But when Sarah Mavro, a kindhearted woman, heard about the dog, she immediately rushed to the shelter to adopt her.

Later it turned out, that the cute animal lost most of her teeth, because of which her tongue hangs from her mouth all time.

The family was so caring towards Weezy and thanks to their great efforts, the dog began to bark again. It’s the first step to make her more confident.
But the cutie’s life completely changed, when a new baby boy was born in the family. Weezy befriended with him just from the first day of their meeting.
Now they are inseparable and enjoy being together all day.

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