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A funny kitten with the most unusual sleeping poses

Jen and Adrian Davis have been fostering for cats for the past two and a half years and fully enjoyed it. They are just fostering four small orphaned kittens and are providing them with all the love and care they need until they are adopted into new families.

The kittens named Namaari, TukTuk, Boun and Sisu are usual kittens, that like playing and cuddling. They also like getting into trouble from time to time, especially Namaari.

“Namaari is the cutest of all. You just need to look at her and she melts into a puddle of purrs. She’s also a little drama queen, if her siblings become too harsh, she’s the first to weep.”

The kittens spent a really amazing day together. They had a photoshoot for a calendar and met with three various families, that wanted to adopt them. They were very tired of all and immediately fall asleep.

And when the kittens fall asleep the couple saw Namaari curled up in the funniest and interesting pose and of course they captured the funny moment.

Namaari looked as if she didn’t have a head cuddled up between her brothers and her owners couldn’t help but laugh.

“The litter likes sleeping in the most unusual poses, but this one was the best of the best.”

They shared the photo on the Internet making people laugh. Namaari’s life is full of such accidents.

She’ll be in her new home in a few weeks and will continue to make her new owners happy with her unusual sleeping poses.

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