The man found a baby otter crying for help behind the front door. What a touching story!

Such a surprising visit by a helpless otter!

Meet Buddy, a baby otter, who was noticed alone on a doorstep. The poor baby was crying and needed help. As it turned out, he lost his mother during terrible weather in Scotland.

Such cases happen very often, as baby otters can lose their mothers easily during difficult times and if they don’t get support by humanity, something terrible can happen with them, because they are too young to survive alone.

The cutie was immediately taken to the Scottish SPCA’s National Wildlife Rescue Centre, where he not only received all the appropriate treatment, but also got much care and love from the staff.

They introduced Buddy to three other otters and now the baby was not alone and could spend his time with his new friends.

The otters continue to stay under the strong care of the staff and when they become completely healthy and strong, they will be sent to their habitat again.

It’s so exciting to see that one more creature was saved thanks to the kindness of humans.

This is a great example for us; we must be kind and caring towards each defenceless creature we meet.

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