“Is this actually Rihanna?”: Iconic Rihanna’s body changes during and after her pregnancy astonished her fans

Rihanna’s body underwent cardinal changes after she gave birth to her baby

It goes without saying that a woman’s body undergoes cardinal changes during the period of pregnancy, however, some people become utterly impossible to recognize since they gain much weight as well as some “imperfections” concerning their figure start to emerge. And here is iconic and legendary Rihanna whose radical body changes shortly after giving birth are quite serious making her look like a totally different person.

Recently, the well-known star was caught by the paparazzi who were lucky enough to notice and take some shots showing how Rihanna has actually changed during the period of pregnancy.

Far not everyone was satisfied with her body transformation and some rushed to heavily criticize the overall-known musician. According to some network users, it seemed as if she doesn’t even care about how she looks and simply enjoys her precious time.

“Is this really her?”, “Are you kidding me?”, “I guess it’s high time to lose weight!”, “More importantly, she is smiling and looks absolutely happy”, “Why has she gained so much weight?”.

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