An amusing clip. A parrot can’t stop complaining about house cat  

This is an intelligent cocoa parrot that exudes optimistic vibes.

It’s really an amusing story. These parrots are pretty communicative and can socialize in an amiable manner through the sounds they hear prior to contact.

Parrots are unique, they have exceptional character. Here is a parrot named Mr. Max.

The parrot is very talkative as well as very sociable.

A clip was recorded of a parrot complaining about a cat. The cat was named Fluffy. The parrot explains the behavior of the cat in such an amusing way.

The master listened to the parrot and warned him to be very careful with the cat because the cat would eat him.

The parrot listens and seems to realize everything that the master says. This parrot is very intelligent because he talks and responds to what his master says.

Here is an amusing clip.

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