A kind woman rescued a poor kitty, that was leftover

Kindness will save the world

A generous woman was worried for the little cat’s fate and she shared an announcement on Avito about a cat, that she’s ready to give her in good hands. The woman discovered the cat on the street like her other temporary pets and wanted to find her owners.

And a woman named Marina responded to her. And soon they decided to transfer the cat from hand to hand.

And the cat’s fate wasn’t good. She had an owner, who turned out to be mot the most responsible owner.

He just placed the cat outside the door and walked away. And the poor fluffy animal didn’t know how to survive on the street.

And when the kind woman found her, she was in a very bad situation. Happily the fluffy is healthy now, thanks to the mind woman.

The first few weeks after transferring to a new house were very hard. The cat managed to get out and also had spent many days trying to flee from the house or hiding in a difficult to reach and dark places. But that’s all finished now. The kitten was named Saba and she is now in love with Marina and wants to purr, caress and play with her.

Saba is healthy thanks to kind people!

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