A cat, that likes to be in the centre of attention

A cat with many tricks to be petted

A cat named Tuna likes being the centre of attention.

Tuna usually enjoys the cuddles of her family, but she also planed a strategy to increase the number of people, that cuddled her even during the epidemic.

And who are those who provide her additional love? Every parcel delivery man, who comes to her house.

Tuna’s mother told: “When Covid started we decided to work from home and there was a need to deliver all the things, including meals, our groceries and things to make home more comfortable. And as we were working from home Tun’a routine was interfered. She started to went out a lot and enjoy her time with the delivery men.”

Tuna has always been a rough and independent cat, but she also has a softer side too.

“She doesn’t like to be alone. She always wants to go to the room where are many people. She likes physical attraction, also to be held, pet or scratched.”

Tuna also enjoys to lie in the sun by her front entrance. When she’s outside she’s always followed by a GPS collar and also a doorbell camera, where her owner first saw her with the Amazon delivery man.

“She started to go out after she understood, that people come here very often and she could make them pet her. It happens every day and we didn’t teach her it. When she wants to come in she starts to meow.”

Tuna started to meow every time she sees a delivery man.

Tuna will always get her attention even if the delivery man isn’t interested in her.

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The owner described her as “very stubborn.” “She has different tricks to attract people’s attention.”

“And all she wants from them is to be petted. And her beloved thing is when her cheeks are rubbed.”

Tuna now makes haply all the people, that come to her house. The sweet cat has some requirements and she’s happy when she’s petted.

“It’s amazing having her in our family. And also people like visiting our home and meeting her. It’s like they’ve met a celebrity.”

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