“Far from being flawless!”: Here are photos of overall-known models before plastic surgeries and popularity

Are you ready to see how iconic models looked before fame and surgeries?

When witnessing iconic and world-famous fashion models of today, one can get confused and greatly surprised with how it is even possible to look simply perfect without possessing any “flaws” and “imperfections”. Some even begin to feel insecure complaining why they weren’t fortunate enough to be born as beautiful and attractive as these popular models. However, little do people know that, in fact, those “flawless” models and other celebrities looked completely different at the beginning of their career and having undergone plastic operations. Have a look!

B. Hadid

N. Vodianova

H. Baldwin

M. Kerr

A. Lima

R. Huntington Whiteley

T. Banks

K. Jenner

K. Moss

A. Shishkova

K. Kurkova

Ch. Teigen


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