This is the sweetest couple you’ll see all week. The beginning of a beautiful companionship

There are few things as thrilling and charming as a kid and a dog that are ideal for each other.

While this may sound dangerous in theory, the reality is that dogs can be perfect fellows for even the smallest kids, as they can be cautious as well as loving through sheer instinct alone.

You may have watched clips like this previously but have you spotted how natural the interconnection between them is?

In the next clip, we see little girl named Sophie getting to know her new puppy Shorky for the premier time. This is quite an interesting occasion.

We have two kids we discover each other for the first time and made a decision to remain fellows.

Currently, you might be wondering, “What is Sorkin?” Sharkey is a mixture between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Shih Tzu. This wonderful race is commonly known by the following names: Shorkey, Yorkie, Yoshi, Shorky Zee, or simply Shih Yorkie mix.

You won’t be surprised to learn that the majority of the “famous” dogs on the Internet are short-breed (from time to time, Chihuahuas with a small pedigree).

It’s nice to see the interconnection between these two, getting along right after meeting each other.

None of them can control their excitement. The response of both amazed their parents, who possibly did not expect such a nice encounter.

The puppy himself seems thrilled to meet his new fellow whose adorable little dog will never mess anything up. Wait until the middle of the clip when the real wonder occurs.

This is the sweetest couple you’ll see all week I can guarantee it.

We have to thank the parents for sharing this wonderful clip with us and for creating such an amazing memory.

Whatever you feel right now, you will feel ten times better after watching their cute clip.

This is the beginning of a beautiful companionship, isn’t it? If you liked it after watching, leave a quick comment, if you liked it, share it.

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