They have mean detection correctness of 98%. 92 K9 service dogs come back home after a job well done  

Join us and salute the courageous and faithful war dogs of our country.

“Like their human counterparts, K9 military dogs deserve our very great care as well as respect once they have completed their deployment.”

Every soldier serving in the United States military is vital to our freedom as well as security.

K9 Service Dogs serve alongside humans, working diligently to perform some crucial functions.

These well-trained, experienced dogs perform many functions, such as detecting bombs, weapons, drugs, as well as dangerous gases. Trained service K9s have mean detection correctness of 98%.

It is more correct and safe than any machine developed to date.

Like their human counterparts, K9 military dogs deserve our best care as well as respect once their deployment is complete. AMK9 is one of the world’s principal providers of K9 detection services.

Yes, they provide K9 for a variety of services, but they also look after the dogs when they do so. They ensure that the dogs are properly looked after as well as placed when they come back.

War Dog the US government not so long ago turned to AMK9 to bring home 92 war heroes who have finished their deployment more than 7,000 miles in Afghanistan.

The careful planning of this massive mission was incredible; boxes, food, water, bath breaks, transportation to the airport, vets accepting dogs at every turn, etc.

Of this veteran dog, Guy Owens, Vice President of Operations for AMK9, said it’s a good thing.

This clip shows the long route of bringing these dogs back to the US. It’s so nice to see how proud AMK9 is to look after these retired K9 heroes while they were in the service.

They show the respect that any military veteran deserves.

Moving Stories are working dogs that can be retired and affiliated by the same handlers they worked with overseas.

The bond between them becomes so powerful when they are placed because their lives are intertwined.

It’s so uncommon to see this connection after the uniform has been taken off.

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