After getting love and attention from humanity, the “ugly cat” turned to be so cute and nice

No one noticed the real beauty of this “ugly cat”, until he met his rescuers.

Meet Romeo, a cute cat, that was born with a deformity and differs from other cats with his unusual appearance. No one wanted to adopt him and everyone called him “ugly cat”, but the staff of Santuario Compasión Animal in Spain noticed and saved the baby. Since then his life changed completely and the kitty began to love again.

Although everyone thought that he was so ugly, the kind people saw the real beauty in him and gave him a chance to show his personality. Now Romeo enjoys playing and having fun with other cats and is so happy to have such caring people by his side.

The kitten only needed human love and care and after getting them, he became active, playful and sociable. The “ugly” kitten turned to be so cute and beautiful!

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