Here are the cult actors and actresses of the legendary series “Police Academy” after 37 years

This is how the film stars from “Police Academy” have changed after 4 decades

It is rather hard to believe that the very first episode of the cult and popular series “Police Academy” was released about 4 decades ago. However, the humorous actions and the roles of these iconic and talented actors and actresses won’t ever be forgotten.

The plot is mainly based on the events happening after the announcement of recruitment to the police academy.

You can have a look at how these praiseworthy actors and actress have changed and what they do at the moment.

Stone as C. Mattson (she is currently 63)

We first see this charming character in the 4th episode brilliantly playing the role of a journalist who rushes to report on a new urban project.

Gaines as E. Lassard (born in 1917 and, unfortunately, passed away in 2016)

He gained world fame and universal respect for his legendary role as a gentle-hearted and absolutely fair head of the police academy. He, regrettably, passed away in 2016.

Guttenberg as C. Mahone (currently 62)

The great actor has quitted acting in films. Instead, he is now a successful producer.

Cattrall as Thompson (now 64)

Her cult role in the beloved series helped her gain world fame, popularity and love from absolutely everyone.

Bailey as Lieutenant Harris (76 at the moment)

The great actor was adored by a number of on-viewers as well. Lately, the film star stopped taking part in films and is currently engaged in the Children of the Light Foundation dedicating his life to the poor and needy ones who suffer from cancer.

Ramsey as Hooks (born in 1947 and passed away last year)

The iconic woman was a successful singer and composer who wrote great songs to other artists as well. She passed away in 2021 being 73.

Easterbrook as Sergeant Callahan (currently 71)

Despite her age, the outstanding woman still acts in movies.

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