A cat weighing 30 pounds was declined from the shelter

A cute and funny cat, that needed to control his appetite 

Someone came to the shelter to hand a cat, that is an ordinary one, despite weighing almost 30 pounds. His name was Disco.

Disco is a white, fluffy and plump cat. He’s a lot heavier than he should be for a cat his size, and the shelter understood they had to help him in losing weight.

“Disco gained 30 pounds as he was fed any time he wanted and didn’t have self control.” told one of the shelter workers.

Although his size, the shelter staff saw, that the cat is really funny and had no problem adapting his new surroundings.

The staff described him as the kindest cat one could possibly imagine. “He is really loving and is kind to everyone, who has come into contact with him and he likes to attract attention.”

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Disco is now living with a foster family and the shelter wants to help him in getting a little healthier before being ready for adoption. It wouldn’t be difficult to find a home for Disco when he’s ready. He loves children, dogs and other cats and also people in general.

The only thing the family, who will adopt him needs to know is having a treatment plan to keep him healthy.

The shelter staff didn’t know at first, that Disco would become so loving and cute when they first saw him. All of them want to help him find a forever loving home.

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