“Absolutely everything in pink”: A fan of Barbie transformed her home into a dollhouse

A Barbie fan created a real dollhouse realizing her childhood dream at 36

A number of kids are big fans of Barbie who have a cherished dream of having a Barbie doll with its dresses, accessories and, of course, a dollhouse. Whereas there are cases when these little girls become adults and only then do they realize their dreams.

One of them was this 36-year-old woman from Los Angeles who decided to turn her house into a real dollhouse, thus fulfilling her childhood dream.

Absolutely everything there with all its details is in pink and also designed with logos of the famous doll.

The unique woman is a nail artist by profession. She dresses in a rather unusual way, not typical of the style of her peers. The woman mainly dresses in a style of Barbie.

It is worth mentioning that she has her own collection containing over 200 dolls which is worth 80 thousand dollars.

Each and every object in her house actually belongs to the collection of Barbie.

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