Popular French actor Cassel and his youthful wife Tina were seen together on the coast of the ocean

Newlyweds Vincent and Tina looked absolutely happy together on their vacation

It is a pity that this well-known French film star and the cult Italian diva divorced, whereas it is worth mentioning that the man has already got over the breakup and now seems absolutely happy being together with his current youthful wife.

Many network users rushed to claim that the couple of the French actor and young model looks harmonious and unrealistically beautiful. A number of people hold the opinion that they were destined for each other. Currently, the spouses are enjoying their time together on the coast of the ocean.

When seeing the recent photos of the newlyweds taken by the paparazzi, their fans got very delightful and left such comments as “What an amazing and harmonious couple”, “Were definitely created for each other”.

Whereas they frequently face criticism and meet negative commenters claiming that the difference in their age is noticeably huge and that they shouldn’t be together. The newlyweds are trying not to pay attention to them.

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