A woman adopts a cat with big “glass” eyes, that was discovered in a box

A story of a kitten with extremely rare illness 

A woman from Chicago found a cardboard box on her porch one day.

She was amazed finding a kitten inside the box with a big cut on his neck, so she immediately took him to the vet.

The vet named Elsie fell in love with the animals with big eyes from the first sight and told, that he needed a lot of love and attention.

So she decided to adopt him and named Porg.

Elise immediately found out, that Porg’s brushing or scratching of his ears and neck resulted in big repeated rips on his neck and it wasn’t normal for a cat.

And just after additional examination they found out, that he had a unique hereditary illness.

This is a very unusual illness among kittens, that’s why he was called “glass kitten” because he’s so frail.

Cats with this rare illness have loose-fitting, fragile skin, that breaks very often.

So he wears some clothes in order to protect his skin and feel him more comfortable.

Elsie understood, that she isn’t just a foster mother to Porg, he has become the full member of her family.

She didn’t want to abandon him, although he needs additional care and attention.

The little kitten’s personality developed as he grew older. He likes playing and being active and also adores cuddling.

Elsie is fortunate to have such a cute kitten in her life!

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