A homeless cat enters the church and respectfully accepts the praise of the worshippers

A cat considers himself as a divinity

A cute cat named Junior just entered into So Sebastio Parish in Brazil and decided to live there.

It’s unknown where Junior came from, but he considered himself a notable figure and decided to stay in the church.

He was happy, that as soon as he enters into the church the devotees start giving him delicious meals and even shout deity like praises for him. And he loves the devotees’ intentions and thankfully accepts their praise.

Junior is always kind to give his “fans” all they want. Junior often wanders the aisles during praises to relax or play. If he is in a good mood, he’ll nap on one of the luckiest people’s laps. “He always goes to people” the Perish wrote.

And one day Junior wanted to do something particular for his fans. He went to the first row and sat there to listen to the priest’s sermon. He seemed to like it as he thought all was about how cute he is.

Junior may be mistaken about what “his” supporters are there for, but their love for him is real. They are happy for his existence and consider him as a divine gift.

The church’s head Osvaldo Boracini has cared for his from the first day. Although the cat isn’t the divinity he wanted to be, he has brought something special to the church.

All animals are angels from God to tech people how to love and care. They will love you with all their heart and want to make you happy, regardless who you are.

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