A cat is in love with his mother’s potato cabinet

A curious cat, that likes a cupboard with potatoes

Most of the cats like to spent their time on their beds, baskets or cat trees. The cat named Nugget on the other hand isn’t one of them.

When the cat found out a cupboard under the kitchen sink, he felt it would become a perfect home. Nugget’s beloved place is the potato cabinet.

Nugget’s owner Anshu told: “He began to do it almost nine months ago, when I left the door of the cardboard open while cooking. He immediately entered, walked over the potatoes and made room for himself!

Nugget had a difficult start in life when his previous owners abandoned him on the street. The old cat is fully devoted to his mother and follows her everywhere.

Anshu told, that Nugget is the most loving cat in the world. He adores snuggling and will do it whenever he had the opportunity. He likes to sit on my lap no matter I work or watch TV.

Nugget is still frightened of meeting new people. The potato cabinet is a safe place for the cat when he feels afraid.

“I think he likes it as it’s dark there and he can comfortably watch the outside world.”

And the more potatoes the better for Nugget. “He doesn’t do anything there, he just purrs and loafs. And when we eat extra potatoes he seems to enjoy it even more!”

Nugget doesn’t like potatoes at all and he even can’t eat them. He just likes sitting quietly in the cabinet and watching the potatoes until they were ready to he cooked.

“Every time I go to the kitchen, he follows me and stands at the cabinet, until I open and let him in.”

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