The kitten was so beautiful, that the animal couldn’t abandon it on the street

A playful kitten, that adores being caressed in her belly

Jennifer Kubba found a new cat and decided to adopt it.

She didn’t know than, that the kitten would be as cute in her behaviour as she was in her appearance.

And when she brought the little kitten to her house she immediately fell in love with Jennifer’s other two cats named Hank and Poppy. She was named Cheese.

But the beloved one of Cheese was Hank.

She gets on well with other cats and people, and also she had a changeable voice to show love and attract attention.

Hank didn’t know what to expect from the little kitten. She follows Hank everywhere she goes.

“I wanted to tell mom, that she won’t stop looking at me.” Jennifer told on Hank’s behalf. “But mom just told me to be friendly, but why doesn’t she stop looking?”

“She also likes to confuse with the things around. And when I tells she stands still and looks at me with her adorable eyes. And I fell in love with her and immediately adopted.”

“And every time i lie on the bed she comes with me and liked to be caressed in the belly.”

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