“Left his girlfriend for a Ukrainian model”: Actor DiCaprio was caught with his new 21-year-old Ukrainian girlfriend

This is how DiCaprio’s new girlfriend, a model from Ukraine looks

One of the current themes the network is actively discussing is the breakup of DiCaprio with Camila. People can’t understand the reason of their breakup and many even believe that Leo left Camila as the latter turned 25.

Currently, the star from “Titanic” is in a romantic relationship with a charming Ukrainian model who is only 22.

As it recently turned out, the couple has been together since June and managed to hide from the paparazzi. There immediately appeared controversial opinions. Some admired saw the model’s charm and attractiveness, whereas others criticized the actor for leaving Camila and dating Ukrainian model Beregova.

“How stunning she is”, “Leo is good at choosing girls”, “Dating Ukrainian girls is trendy nowadays”.

What do you think?

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