“Are they together again?”: Russian model Shayk posted interesting photos with her ex-husband and pigs

Top-model Shayk surprised her fans with photos with her ex-husband Cooper

I. Shayk is a top model with Slavic origins who is well-known and successful not only in the sphere of modeling, but also on the network.

The model actively leads her Instagram page sharing all the details of her life there. Not long ago, the stunning woman showed very interesting pictures from her vacation with her ex-husband.

For Shayk’s followers, seeing animals next to whom the model was posing was not less intriguing and surprising than her ex Bradley Cooper.

People simply couldn’t understand why the couple decided to take photographs with those pigs which actually seemed rather weird and unusual.

But of course, there were a number of people who were wondering whether the ex-spouses revived their relationship or not.

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