A lonely cat, who was unable to find food and water was saved by people with big heart

A very weak and dehydrated cat, that was considered as a female

The poor kitten was abandoned by his family and left for himself in the 100-degree heat of Los Angeles.

In this heating weather, it was impossible to find food or water and his body began to shut down to the point, that all he could do was find shade behind a parked car.

And there he was found by a kind woman, who quickly called the Cats of San Bernadino for assistance.

A rescuer named Jaina came to the scene, she immediately went to the car. Without complaints the tired cat allowed him to take him.

He was put in a carrier and taken to the hospital for immediate care. He was very much underweight, that the staff mistook him with a woman.

And only after further examination it turned out to be a male.

It was clear form the very beginning how dehydrated and weak he was.

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