The charming dog eventually is provided with a new home after spending 5 years in the refuge 

Living alone is a test not only for people but for animals as well.

Life without a friend can upset anyone. One such incident made headlines not so long ago when haven free wills were trying to find a new home for one of their dogs, named Merrick.

The wonderful dog was saved as a puppy and spent approximately 1,000 days at the haven, also familiar as the Humane Society of Greater Kansas City. Regional free will Scott Poor realized he needed to do something about the dog’s present condition.

He tried everything in the book to provide a dog with a family. Nevertheless, he was not lucky. The orphanage placed billboards of Merrick in the neighborhood as well as asked people to apply for affiliation. The miserable dog waited a long time.

The free wills of the haven did not refuse him at all. They had only one aim: to provide Merrick with his new home. Time passed and Merrick spent approximately 5 years at the refuge.

Eventually, after a lifetime of waiting, they found a man who was more than willing to affiliate Merrick. He was delighted to go to his new home. He jumped into the back seat of a car and enjoyed the ride to his new home with one of the haven’s free wills.

Merrick didn’t know what to do and hid at the front door. However, he shortly understood that it was time to investigate his new home. He had new toys as well as was joyful to meet his new dad.

He later investigated his new location as well as instantly settled into his new home. Merrick couldn’t help but demonstrate his love for his new dad. He continuously kissed his dad.

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