A photo of a dog looking out the window as if he was waiting for his owner touched everyone and he got the life he dreamed of

The sick dog got the future he dreamed of.

Baby, a rescued dog, had a difficult life, but after wandering on the streets, he finally was noticed by some people and was sent to Griffin Pond Animal Shelter. After that his life changed completely.

At first one year old Baby was so confused and couldn’t adapt in his new environment. The staff did its best to make the doggy happier and healthier, and they succeeded. At first they cured Baby and now he is quite healthy and strong.

One day a photo of him looking through the window as if he was waiting for his owner was shared on social media and it attracted a large number of viewers.

Day by day the dog began to get used to live there, play with other dogs and do whatever they did. The cutie was a lovely member of the shelter, and everyone liked him.

Fortunately, he found his forever home and loving owners.

His owners are so happy to have Baby in their lives. They give much love and attention to him. So nice!

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