Police saved a stray kitten, she became popular for her smile

A cute kitten, that was adopted by a policeman

An officer named J. N. Rowsey from North Carolina didn’t know she’d be on a call, that would change her life.

But at the end of the day two lives were changed for the better.

Rowsay and her partner were patrolling when they saw a small kitten, that was alone and in a bad condition. The policemen immediately decided to help the kitten.

They looked for the cat’s owner or mother in the neighbourhood, but everything was without results.

It became clear, that the kitten didn’t have a home or an owner. But it didn’t take a long time to change.

The kitten thought Officer Rowsey is her mother after a short time. And Rowsey didn’t have chance to refuse her.

Rowsey now has the cutest friend in the world.

What seemed an ordinary work turned out into a strong connection for a lifetime.

The police department wrote: “The cute cat found a new home with one of the policeman.”

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