This is what actually happened to the dress of Monroe after Kardashian wore it for Met Gala

Here is what happened to Marilyn’s well-known dress after Kim Kardashian

41-year-old Kim wanted to charm absolutely everyone with her fantastic appearance and decided to wear the legendary dress of Marilyn from the museum Ripley’s. It was actually the dress in which Monroe performed during the celebration of Kennedy’s birthday. The star had to lose 7-8 kilos so as to fit in the dress and she managed to do that for several weeks. Meanwhile, it didn’t really help her to put on the dress without efforts. In order to be present in Met Gala for just 10-15 minutes, Kim hired it paying 5 million rubles.

Whereas as soon as the dress was returned to the museum, it was partly ruined: the zipper stretched and the fabric parted.

Many network users simply can’t understand why the museum gave Kim the dress. “Why did they give her this dress?”, “Everything for fame”, “The dress has nothing special”.

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