The frightened dog became so confident and now greets her human mom in a crazy way

The rescued doggy now feels better thanks to her loving owner.

Amos is a rescued dog, who was saved by Melisa and thanks to her the dog got everything she needed. At first the poor animal was afraid of everything, even of the washing machine.

She has a touching rescue story which will melt your heart.

When Melisa first saw her, the dog was so scared and she avoid from her, so the woman had to bring a trainer to make her calmer. After that Amos began to be more confident: she got used to live with Melisa and began to trust her.

Now she enjoys her life with her loving mom and each day she greets her mommy with a pillow, which is her favourite thing.

The cutie supports Melisa with everything. She makes her happy and funny and gives her much love and attention.

Now they are inseparable and enjoy being together all day.

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