Luckily, this dog made a complete recovery and was affiliated by a kind family 

The happy termination of this dog’s difficult past.

Two saviors from Diasozo Animal Salvation detected something in the thicket as soon as they went to the next country in order to feed unhoused animals.

So, they looked attentively and spotted that the miserable dog was struggling there.

The dog could barely move as he was severely damaged. So, the saviors carried him to the vet facility for an investigation.

It was established that the dog was damaged intentionally, as there are injuries in the chest area and an old breaking of the jaw.

One of his eyes was in quite a bad condition as well that he needed an operation to remove it, but they’ll have to wait until he gets better. So, he was given drugs in order to relax as well as sleep.

The vets nursed the dog as he was too weak to eat or drink by himself.

Luckily, he had an operation after a few days and was expected to be healed because he was so courageous.

The only thing the dog did was sleep on the first day after the operation. Then he was able to eat as well as sit alone.

He was ready to go to an adoptive family but stayed at the vet facility to gain more strength.

Luckily, he made a complete recovery and was affiliated by a kind family who named him Meghan. What a happy termination!

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