The guy reconstructed his shop’s ceiling so that his cats can look at him

The cute cats, that want to control their owner during his work

Having a security camera in a shop is a common thing, but a man from Taiwan decided to employ cats.

The shop owner put glass tiles on the celling of the shop in order his cats can see him all the time when he is working. And the effect was amazing.

A Twitter user shared photos of a shop, where his friend cells stamps and other local wares and they became popular.

“To make his cats happy my friend reconstructed the celling of his shop. Now they can control him any time they want.”

When the shop owner goes back home he feeds his cats on time, of not they will destroy all the house.

“What happens when you don’t feed your cats on time.”

Although the little animals can destroy a house, they were also able to drew so much attention on the shop.

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