The cute cat falls in love with the statue of a cat

The cat enjoys having time with his new friend

Jenny Salzer went to the shop for dome groceries, while she saw a statue of a cat.

Although it had some scrapes and scuffs, it resembled her cat Cosmo.

Jenny bought it and placed it on the front steps of her home. She forgot about it, when Cosmo found out it one day.

The cat immediately drew his attention to his unique twin and started to rub his face against it. The statue looked like a girlfriend of a cat.

Cosmo likes everyone, she likes cookies and hugs.

The statue looked like an outliner.

And from that moment Cosmo was very attached to the statue. Salzer saw Cosmo hugging the statue and rubbing his face to it like it were real.

The owner told: “She loves to play with the statue and hug it.”

The cat looks like he is enjoying his time with his new friend.

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