Hunters tossed over 50,000 hound dogs into a borehole when they could no longer use them 

Individuals can be brutal, yes, but they can be unfeeling as soon as it comes to animals.

Thousands of hound dogs are left to take care of themselves annually when the hunting season comes to an end in Spain.

With over 200,000 hunters (also familiar as Galgueros) every year, the majority of their hunting fellows leave towards the end and the event is getting worse.

As a matter of fact, this year halons (dogs) were tossed into borehole simply because their masters didn’t have a desire to look after them until the end of the month. Dogs will die of hunger and weeping in these boreholes.

Not only boreholes but a number of corpses were found hanging on the rails as well, burned, with cutthroats.

Sometimes it was due to the idleness of the hunters, in some cases, it was called “custom”. The custom was to pay dogs for being “incompetent” at hunting.

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