«As pretty as her mother!»: Charlize Theron’s 69-year-old mother attracts everyone with her charming appearance  

This is what Charlize Theron’s adorable mother looks like 😳😍

On her mother’s birthday, Charlize Theron wrote a heartwarming message, expressing her big love and respect to her and speaking about the difficulties in their past.

When she was about 15 years old, her mother suffered a lot because of her father’s bad behavior. He disturbed them to live happily, trying to make their lives a real hell.

Theron had to pass through many difficulties along with her mother, but she always tried to keep it a secret from public. She told everyone that her father had passed away, but now she proudly speaks about how she and her mother overcame the difficulties together and now they are much braver than before.

Her mother Gerda, who is already 69, looks younger than her actual age. Her famous daughter often shares warm photos with her on her page. She explains what her mother means for her and how strong her love is towards her.

They are strongly connected and devoted to each other and try to spend much time together.

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