«Crawford, do you need a daughter-in-law?»: Cindy Crawford’s grown-up heir charms the world with his handsomeness

Those who see Crawford’s grown-up son immediately fall in love with him 😍

However surprising it may seem, C. Crawford has already turned 54. It is something unbelievable as the iconic model still looks amazing and no less attractive that the younger stars.

Luckily, her two adorable children have inherited the wonderful features of their charming mother. As a result, her kids are already conquering the fashion world with their unearthly beauty and hotness.

«Became his mother’s exact copy», «What a hottie, I can’t», «A future supermodel!», «He will soon conquer the fashion world», «A real heartthrob looks like this».

«Crawford, do you need a daughter-in-law?», «I don’t think there is anyone who can resist and not to fall in love with him», «Am I the only one who can’t understand why people think he is beautiful?».

«With such a hot mother, he couldn’t have been less handsome and attractive», «Are you single?».

«He is a totally ordinary guy and there are millions more handsome than him».


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