«The gothic newlyweds 10 years later»: The way these non-standard spouses have changed will leave you speechless

You won’t believe your eyes when you see how this non-standard couple has changed 🧐😳

Everyone will probably recall these unusual and non-standard newlyweds whose appearance at the wedding ceremony was actively discussed by absolutely everyone.

Here are some photos from their wedding ceremony that immediately went viral the Internet. Even though people didn’t really know them, they, anyway, actively discussed their non-traditional appearance.

It goes without saying that as soon as these wedding shots appeared on the Internet, netizens rushed to judge and heavily criticize them. Their unique hairstyle and the bride’s partly bald head left everyone speechless.

Believe it or not, they created a happy family and had two adorable children who look incredibly like their scandalous parents.

Many refuse to believe their eyes when they see how the bride has changed. She now has blonde hair and looks much more feminine according to many. While the groom kept his long hair and seems to be proud of it.

It will, of course, be quite interesting to know what their children will think of their parents’ previous style when they grow up and happen to see the archive pictures.

They serve as a prime example of how two can create a family and be happy despite other people’s opinions.

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