Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong: Cases Highlighting the Risks and Unintended Consequences

Not every transformation goes according to plan 🧐😳

Nowadays, many people turn to surgeons for making their appearance much more beautiful and attractive, but in some cases they fail.

Of course, there are people who become real beauties after plastic surgery, but today we present to you several cases that did not end the way they planned.

Mickey Rourke was once a very handsome man, but why he decided to change his appearance remained incomprehensible. However, the result is really disappointing. Now he looks strange and also according to many people disgusting.

Bogdanov twin brothers were no less attractive, but now they have become completely unrecognizable. Even looking at them is really unpleasant.

These examples prove the fact that plastic surgeries can harm your appearance, making it unpleasant and even strange. So before applying for it, first think carefully, because not always they end as you plan.

Accept yourself as you are, and transform your appearance only when it disturbs you to have a full life.

What do you think about plastic surgeries? Do you consider it normal or not?

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