The rat was sold as snake food, but now he enjoys the company of his feline friend

Such an unexpected rescue, then an amazing friendship! 🐈❤️🐭

Once, when Pauline Morin saw a group of caged rats for sale in a store, she was heartbroken and decided to save them by buying them all.

As soon as they were brought to the woman’s house, one of the rats managed to get out of the cage and calmly approached Prudence, the family cat.

Prudence was also saved by this kindhearted woman several years ago and now he shares a strong bond with her.

Pauline was amazed to see her cat’s attitude towards the little rat. She never expected to see them having fun together.

When the rat approached him, Prudence started to cuddle him as if they were friends for many years.

Now this duo is inseparable and their friendship is becoming stronger and stronger day by day. They are happy to have each other and enjoy being together all day long.

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